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tv   Nightline  ABC  April 19, 2013 12:35am-1:06am PDT

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[ applause ] >> jimmy: phoenix, their album "bankrupt" comes out tuesday. you can see a bonus song at jim thanks for watching. "nightline" is next good night.n just
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a few second. this is an abc news special report. hello and out to the rest of the country and the west coast i'm diana perez. >> major developments in boston. police and fbi descending on watertown where a suspect is in custody and reports that the suspect may in fact be tied to the boston bombing. that is the question and we are trying to get confirmation of that right now. but very promising developments and that is a quote from fbi sources that he talked with. >> we want to backtrack for a
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moment. if you are just joining us. late last night there was a shooting at m.i.t. the campus in boston and the result of that shooting was the death of one police officer on campus. after that there was a carjacking according to police and there were two suspects on the run. an incredible amount of police descending on watertown and cambridge searching for the suspects. we heard one of the suspects in the watertown situation had been apprehended and we were starting to get more information as it trickled in. we were able to talk to our correspondent who has two independent sources from the massachusetts police department that told him that the man in suspect is in fact connected to the marathon bombings that happened earlier this week. >> as we speak a massive manhunt is going on for the second suspect that was involved in this wild police chase. brian ross is in watertown at
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the scene and we're going to go to him and find out what the latest is. brian are you there? >> reporter: yes, we are. there is no official confirmation as to who has been taken into custody. we're told one person has been taken into custody and a second is being sought. this is an event that began four or five hours ago and unfolding ever since. one of our producers who was down the road here was told to get back from the area, whoever they are looking for is throwing bombs. the bomb squads are there. be vary -- very careful. i heard them give instructions to make sure shay don't discharge their weapons. it's a highly tense situation. [ indiscernible ] talking about,
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looking for suspects one and two in the marathon bombing has been spotted here by abc news. we were just told by a state police officer there will be a news conference comip place right whe anding. it's a fluid situation and we are awaiting to official confirmation as to who was involved. we had initial word from massachusetts police that this is connected to the marathon bombing but awaiting official confirmation. >> do you have information on the second suspect they are searching for? we know the area you are in not long ago was considered dangerous with explosions and up to 30 gunshots. do we feel the second suspect has moved on or are you close to a manhunt right now? >> as best i know at this point there is a manhunt for the second suspect. at one point ten minutes ago we
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had reports of a chase underway nearby. we are told this suspect is extremely dangerous, is using explosives and automatic weapons. we also know in the course of events since about 10:30 on thursday night, one police officer, an m.i.t. security officer was shot and killed and a transit police officer was wounded. >> fbi officials are on the scene. once again what we know right now there was a shooting at m.i.t. that moved over to watertown, massachusetts and one of the two suspects in the watertown, massachusetts incident has been apprehended by police. that is the information we can confirm at this time. we cannot independently confirm
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if the person apprehended in watertown is connected to the bombing that happened earlier this week at the marathon. we are hearing different reports from different places as well is brian is hearing from sources on the ground there. but there has not been an official confirmation. and just to give you an idea how fluid the situation is, the fbi released a statement that said we are aware of the law enforcement activity in the greater boston area. the situation is ongoing. you just heard brian say that. we are working with local authorities to determine what happened. >> we have pierre thomas looking into the situation. but we're going to go to lindsay davis who is on the scene in watertown. can you hear us? >> reporter: i can. we are at the corner of mount auburn and kimball. it's a main street here that has just been shut down. police have set up a perimeter. we cannot get information on what is happening. we assume it's a search for the
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second suspect. it is members of the national guard and police here. maybe a dozen or so residents just standing on the streets trying to figure out what is going on. but a perimeter has been set. i don't know if you can see down there, several police cars are continuing to drive in and out of this area. that's pretty much what we can tell you at this point. >> it was a dangerous situation with reports of 30 gunshots and explosives being thrown out of a car during this chase. right now is there a sense of urgency where you're standing? do you get the feeling that whatever is taking place is taking place within a mile of where you're at? >> reporter: there is really no way to tell how close we are to any potential action. i think it is still definitely a sense of urgency. still, residents are standing around in a very calm just very curious and inquisitive way. but certainly you get a sense
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there is danger, potentially not far away at all. >> lindsay we heard early reports that there was a 20-block perimeter in the cambridge and watertown area i assume you are just outside the perimeter. and a reporter was told to turn his cell phone off and the police officer said if you want to live turn your cell phone off. and i think that is why there was heightened concerned that this may have been connected to the marathon. there was speak of the fact that these pressure cooker bombs were set off by cell phones. where you are now is there the same sense of staying safe and staying far away or is it different from the area where brian ross is? >> i'm not sure if you can see the police car, the one that just went in and one that just came out. there are several police officers and members of the national guard right here but they are not giving us messages
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to stay off cell phones, for example. we are several blocks from where brian ross' position is. we're not sure how close to any potential danger that we are. >> this was a special report i'm diana perez. >> for the folks on the west coast you may be going back to "nightline." for everyone else, we're be right back. switch ycar insurance to this has been a special report from abc news. oh, no, no, no...i'm sorry, but this is all wrong? i would never say that. writer: well what would you say? gecko: well i'd probably emphasize the savings. ya know...lose that green with envy bit. rubbish. it's just a reference about my complexion. writer: but the focus groups thought that the...
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dozens of residents in west texas remain unaccounted for tonight. the blast created a seismic event leveling a large swath of the town. but what caused this mysterious disaster. we search for the answers. >> reporter: the fire at the fertilizer plant here rocked this small town to its core. >> everybody needs to get away from there. back all trucks away from the plant. >> reporter: 7:29 p.m. yesterday, a fire raged. the flames so big, so bright, neighbored out their cameras and hit record.
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then at 7:53, the one thing that everyone watching feared the most. >> i can't hear. >> let's get out of here, please, get out of here. >> a father with his daughter right beside him in the car captures it all. their voices turn to terror. >> dad, please get out of here. >> the girl heard screaming is 12-year-old chloe. her father had stopped at a nearby school when they saw the smoke. >> we knew it was an explosion. we didn't think it was going to be that bad. >> reporter: the fertilizer depot, part of this west, texas, landscape for more than half a century, gone. obliterated. >> we need every ambulance we can get this way. a bomb just went off inside of here. it's pretty bad. >> no actual report of a bomb, but a thick mushroom smoke cloud filled the sky. >> what is that? >> i don't know. >> the tremor so large, people say they felt it 55 miles away. it registered 2.1 on the richter, destroying an entire
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apartment building. and so many homes, including mike mahler's. he lived just down the street and barely made it out alive. >> what do you think your house looks right now? >> a war zone. every window is out in the house, the whole ceiling. it looks like it's come off the foundation, set back down. the bricks are all off the houses. >> reporter: as terrorized residents left the blast zone, a small team of firefighters raced into the heart of it. many of them volunteers who grew up right here. >> i felt the house move and then i heard the actual explosion. i jumped up immediately, went to the front door, i looked out and saw the huge cloud. i told my wife and everybody else, we've got to go now. >> reporter: within minutes, two emergency workers were killed, at least five firefighters missing. now flags at the station fly at half staff. >> how many people do you think you know were hurt in that? >> i probably know all of them.
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>> we've got a lot of firemen down. >> reporter: among those who never made it out, dallas fire rescue captain kenny harris. this wasn't even his jurisdiction. he just wanted to help. neighbors say that's just how folks from these parts are. >> it's just about a second family. and you hear all these people how they make it. it's just heart breaking. the only thing you've got to do is pray. it's so sad. it's just very terrible here. i mean, i have friends here. i have relatives just down the road. and i want to get in touch with them. that's why i'm here just to see if they're even alive. >> the bandages are still fresh. he heard about the fire and immediately raced to the nursing home across the street from the plant. he and his fellow first responders rushed into the building. >> next thing i knew, i heard a big explosion.
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i fell on my face and the windows and everything fell in on me. i had to dig myself out. i feel blessed that there's some people alive now that wouldn't be. >> in all, more than 160 injured. as many as 15 dead. more than 35 still missing. investigators still aren't sure what caused the explosion. chemicals reacting perhaps, but they also haven't ruled out a crime. >> we're way too early in the investigation to speculate on causes or what may have actually occurred. >> reporter: and what about the timing? nearly 20 years to the day the branch davidian compound in waco came to a fiery end after federal agents attacked their compound. now destruction again in america's heartland. this time of a different kind. the blast knocked this man on to his living room floor, his windows blown out. his metal garage door twisted. >> oh, my gosh. all of this from that blast.
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broken glass everywhere. windows busted. everything on the floor. >> tonight, it's not just the streets of west, texas, that are battered and bruised. so, too, are its residents. >> this morning when you look around at all this glass and your store and your mom's house and your car, what do you make of all this? >> a devastation. we've got to rebuild. we're a community of czech and german. and we'll rebuild. we'll go on. >> reporter: for "nightline" i'm see cecilia vega in west texas. wrongly accused. why this 17-year-old said that people looking for the boston bomber almost ruined his life. almost ruined his life.
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in the age of social media, the power to share is the power
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to gather and shape millions of opinions, which is precisely why the fbi launched what they anticipate to be the largest electronic dragnet in u.s. history. but while going viral can be a force of great good, crowd sourcing justice can also spread falsehoods and ruin reputations, as one young man learned the hard way. here's abc's john donvan. >> sometimes cliches like being in the wrong place at the wrong time are devastatingly true, like near the finish line on monday. for a young man photographed with a friend, both of them carrying bags, because yesterday, that photograph showed up in the new york post on the front page, labelling them bag men, sought by the police. which came as a complete shock to them. they are kids, teenagers. one of them got news of his stunning notoriety via facebook where his friends were seeing the pictures. >> i saw it on facebook and people tagged me on the pictures. >> it was just unbelievable and
1:03 am
terrifying for this boy who is 17 and goes to high school and is a runner there. >> that was the race my friend wanted to run and me wanted to run. >> reporter: that's why he was a face in the crowd. he had gone to the race not understanding the sign-up rules and had hoped to run in the marathon. he ended up just watching for a while, leaving hours before the explosions. >> it was approximately two hours, i got home. when i got home, then i saw what's going on. i didn't know nothing about it until i turned on the tv. the news. and how it happened. >> reporter: and you can see how maybe investigators were circulating photos of people with bags. it makes sense. that's how the post says it got a hold of the pictures. well, here is the bag at salah's house this morning. >> the worst thing, i mean, that's really -- i still have the bag. >> reporter: and what was in it on monday morning?
1:04 am
>> in the bag was my running shoes and stuff for running. >> reporter: on wednesday, with all the stuff coming over his phone, he knew he had a problem. being wrongly accused of an act of terrorism is its on kind of nightmare. ask richard jewel who went through the public escoation when he was falsely accused of planting a bomb at the atlanta olympics. saleh, a newcomer to the u.s. after moving to this country from morocco didn't know any any of that but has good instincts and know how people could turn on him. >> they going to be like oh, you just did that. how could you do that? why would you do that? so many people you killed 8 years old kid. but if you look at it, it wasn't me. >> reporter: another good instinct, what he did about it. >> i went to the police. they were like -- when they first see me, they asked me how old i am. i'm like, 17.
1:05 am
>> reporter: he says they talked with him sent him ad that it w over with, thourrs r thrtis c of getting into college, which is all he wants. that and for this bad memory to go away. john donvan, abc news, washington. >> our thanks to john. tonight's "closing arguments." one day after senators voted down the biggest package of gun legislation in 20 years, supporters vowed not to give up. the vote on universal background checks failed. president obama said despite a 90% approval rating among the public. and strong support from the families who lost loved ones in the newtown massacre. president obama called yesterday a pretty shameful day in washington. but what do you think? should background checks be ramped up for gun buyers? you can weigh in on the "nightline" facebook page or


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